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Total Solar Eclipse on 22nd July Surya Utsav

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Paddy Straw: A Burning Problem

It is that dreaded time of year again for Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), the season of high air pollution, in which Delhi regularly ranks worst in the world.

Diwali has passed, and the Supreme Court had imposed a total ban on firecrackers, a once unimaginable prohibition, but one that has apparently been greeted with stoicism by citizens and government authorities, who are only too familiar with the choking pall that envelops the megalopolis for several days after the festival of lights. Diwali was early this year, but other sources of pollution that plague the city and n ...


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Solid Waste Incineration: Bad Technology Choice

D. Raghunandan,

11th July 2017

Municipal solid waste (MSW) has become a massive problem in India’s cities and towns and poses huge problems for public health, the environment and urban living conditions in general. About 170,000 tonnes of MSW are generated per day in the over 8,000 urban centres in the country. Most municipal bodies focus their work and funds on collection and transportation of these wastes, but little effort is put into their proper treatment and disposal. Different policy recommendations, often ...


US Exits Paris Agreement

D. Raghunandan

13th June 2017


US President Donald Trump made the shocking, but not unexpected, announcement last week that the US is pulling out of the Paris Agreement (PA) on climate change. 195 countries had endorsed PA last December and 147 nations have since ratified it.

The history of US betrayals of international climate agreements has thus repeated itself, the first time as tragedy, when President George W. ...


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Four Global Cities to Ban Diesel Vehicles by 2025

D. Raghunandan

17th December 2016

With the worst of the winter pollution crisis in Delhi and other northern cities having subsided for the moment, the episodic clamour in the media, the judiciary, government agencies and among the public at large has also quietened down. No doubt it will flare up at the next peak in air pollution. Forgotten, it seems, are the short-term fixes furiously discussed then. And, in the days of instant media, nobody has the patience to discuss long-term solutions.

Efforts to obfuscate the nature of the problem, a ...


Pollution Chokes Delhi: Perennial Problem, Temporary Fixes

D. Raghunandan

11th November 2016

So here we are once again, winter and a blanket of severe pollution in Delhi and the north Indian plains in general. These columns carried an article on the subject last year too, and it is dj vu now. All concerned authorities are blaming the others, multiple problems are being pointed out, and a smog of confusing data to rival the smoke haze is being put out by numerous agencies and experts. The Chief Minister of Delhi has ordered a series of emergency measures, and the Courts ha ...



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